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Connie Thornton, married to Jackie Thornton, has 2 sons Chandler Phillips and Chapman "Bubba"Phillips. Connie is a third grade teacher at Wilkinson County Elementary school and recently won My Teacher is Tops last year and also won the high ga milestone math scores for four consecutive years. She also volunteered and painted the childrens section of the Johnson County Library., and also won the bright light grant a few years back to get books for her class.   Connie Thornton was diagnosed with lymphoma,  August 2019. The pet scan showed its on both sides of her face..both sides of her neck and underneath both arms. She has recently undergone a bone marrow aspiration.  She has one more biopsy to do,  then a treatment plan will begin. She is  going to the Peyton Anderson Cancer Center.  To say Connie has been an inspiration to many, is an understatement.  She is a wonderful teacher with a heart of gold, as many of her students will tell you.  The purchase of a tee shirt will help Connie with expenses as she undergoes treatment.  On behalf of Connie and her family, Thank you!

Connie Thornton Fundraiser

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