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Laura and Jeff Frady found out on their 2nd anniversary that they were pregnant. An ultrasound in May revealed they were having twins and that they were mono di twins, meaning they share a placenta. Genetic blood tests revealed they were having twin boys. Because of them being mono di twins, they were sent to a high risk specialist in Macon who noticed that the amniotic fluid levels were irregular, one being greater than the other, and suspected Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome or TTTS. This means that one twin is giving his nutrients to the other twin, resulting in one twin being significantly smaller, a life threatening situation. It was also noted that the smaller twin had pauses in the flow through his umbilical cord, which can result in him receiving less oxygen and other issues as well. Laura and Jeff were then sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, as there are no physicians in Georgia who treat TTTS. On two different visits to Cincinnati, tests were performed, and it was determined that the twins did not have TTTS. They did confirm, however, that Joseph (the smaller twin) did have pauses in the umbilical cord flow but was growing: he is still smaller than his brother, but he is trying to catch up. They also discovered that Jonathan (the larger twin) had severe heart valve stenosis. This would require close monitoring until birth and then surgery immediately following birth to repair this. It was decided that Laura and Jeff could be followed in Macon weekly for Joseph’s umbilical cord pauses and at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for monitoring of Jonathan’s heart valve. The twins are now 25 wks gestation. Until now, they’ve been monitored twice weekly in Macon and once monthly in Atlanta. Cincinnati has been updated and consulted regularly. This week, however, things changed when they were upgraded from severe to critical concerning Jonathan’s heart valve stenosis, and Cincinnati has been notified. Laura and Jeff know from Whom their help comes. They are relying heavily on their faith and the prayers of so many for their precious boys. But, they are weary, as you can well imagine. They make trips to Macon weekly in addition to the trips to Atlanta, and then there’s always the possibility of Cincinnati (we’re praying differently). This t-shirt fundraiser is a small way to help this family who gives so much of themselves. They have exorbitant medical expenses in addition to the cost of travel itself. We ask that you share this post, purchase a shirt, make a donation, whatever your heart leads you to do. Most of all, we ask for your prayers for Laura, Jeff, Joseph, and Jonathan because PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING! Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for praying, the greatest, most wonderful gift of all

Frady Twins

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