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This fundraiser was started to help a sweet little child with kidney disease.  Her single mom will soon be having to travel with her and her little sister for treatment and surgery.  The following is from her mom:


This is Ms.Jaycee Lynn. She is almost 4yrs old. Full of personality and one of the friendliest kids you will ever meet. Jaycee suffers from a condition called Hydronephrosis. Which is a build up of fluid on her left kidney. This condition causes frequent urinary tract infections, back pains (in her kidneys) and can eventually lead to permanent kidney damage if it gets too out of control. She has been seeing a specialist in Atlanta since she was 3 months old. But we have now reached the point where our “game plan” is the only option...... The dreaded corrective surgery. Though we are unsure of how she developed this condition, surgery will have the best outcome. In order to correct this condition so that she can have a long, happy, and pain free life is to do multiple surgeries until we find a fix.

Just like any other parent, I am absolutely dreading this process. And I hate the fact she is faced with this being her only option at such a young age. But I will do everything in my power to ensure the health and safety of my children!


This mother also wanted me to add that anything that is not used for travel or lodging will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation.  On behalf of this struggling mama and this sweet child, thank you for your purchase!  BTW, Jaycee chose the orange shirt because that is her favorite color, we say, what a great choice for Fall!

Jaycee Lynn Fundraiser

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