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This fundraider has been started for Courtney Wilkerson and Michael Roberts precious little girl Layla Raye.  The following are the mother's own words about the condition of sweet Layla: 


 Courtney (Layla’s mother) moved out on her own while in school and still managed to graduate high school. She had plans of joining the army and becoming a mechanic but not long after she found out she was pregnant with Michael Roberts (Layla’s father) She found out during her pregnancy that her precious little girl would be born with heart problems. baby Layla was born at 36 weeks with basically half of her heart and on the wrong side of her body. Shortly after she was born she was very sick and her organs started to shut down after a week. The doctor keep telling us that her heart could stop at anytime therefore she couldnt have surgery but out of all her odds she pulled through. Shortly later she had PA bands and two stints put in her heart. Layla needs more surgery when she is 4 to 6 months but she has to meet the weight requirements. Baby Layla is unable to eat because food makes her very sick therefore she can’t gain weight. Layla is 2 months old and has never eaten right or be able to breath on her own. Layla’s doctor doesn't  know if she will be able to come home no time soon.


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