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Ashton (mother of Zoey) went into the hospital on Wednesday March 20th, 2024 after a three day migraine that wouldn’t cease, and on March 21st, 2024, the obgyns began an emergency c-section on Ashton due to severe pre-eclampsia. Baby Zoey is considered to be a micro-preemie born at 29wks gestation and is currently 1lb and 13.3 ozs. Baby Zoey is at the NNICU in Macon. Mom has been discharged and due to having other children at home and in school, cannot stay at the Ronald McDonald house so traveling expenses will be the main focus of all funds raised.  Please keep Baby Zoey in your prayers and help support this worthwhile cause by purchasing a tee shirt.  Thank you on behalf of the family.

Team Zoey Fundraiser

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