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The Wrightsville 4th of July Turtle Race will return to the Johnson County Courthouse Square and so will the anonymous, notorious, hardshell outlaws of The Turtle Racing Syndicate. This year, however, will be different because the Turtle Race lost one its very best competitors and supporters of all time in our friend, Caleb Pool. He raced turtles like he fought cancer... wide open. He left it all on the track. Caleb raced turtles as a child and, when his own children came along, he made sure they had a turtle to race too. It has always been people like Caleb who made the race what it is and to say we will miss him is an understatement. The Turtle Racing Syndicate wants to give back to Caleb's children some of the good that he always brought to the great 4th of July race. This is the 2019 Turtle Racing Syndicate t-shirt design and it is in memory of Caleb. The front pocket design will actually say just that. They will be available beginning on May 15th for $15 each up to size XL and a couple dollars more for 2X+. KeyTees Lisa Keyton has agreed to produce all t-shirts at cost and the rest of the purchase price will go directly to an educational fund for the benefit of Caleb's children. They can be purchased at the KeeTees store in Wrightsville or on their website. If you would like to donate more, you can do so at the Bank of Wrightsville. Help us give back to a cause that honors what Caleb gave to his family, his friends and his hometown. Please share this so the word gets out. And when you think of Caleb, remember that he was the guy who would turn his Dodge dually pulling a livestock trailer full of his nursery plants around at the interstate exit to go back and give a beggar his last piece of folding money and then head on back to Johnson County with the windows rolled down. He was truly a Good Ole Boy.

Turtle Race Shirts 2019

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