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Zach Strong Zach Cutler was involved in a work related accident on March 7th that changed his life forever. As a result of the accident, Zach lost over half his right/dominant arm. At the age of 21, Zach is faced with learning how to live life in a way that he never imagined he would be faced with. It is unknown at this time as to when Zach will be able to return to work. There has been a misconception that because this was a work related accident that Zach and Lexi are now financially set for life and nothing could be further from the truth. Everything up to this point has been paid out of pocket and at this time, their only income is Lexi's income from Kay's. 100% of the money made from this fundraiser will go directly towards helping with bills and living expenses. The design on the back of this amazing shirt was painted on a canvas by Lexi and given to Zach for Christmas two years ago. Zach then took the picture and had it tattooed on the forearm of the arm that he lost in the accident so this design has so much significance to Zach and Lexi. We cannot thank this entire community for the support that has been shown to our family during the past 3 weeks!  Orders can also be placed at orders can be placed at The Shoppes on Bellevue 901 Bellevue Avenue Dublin, GA  or KeyTees 130 South Bradford Street in Wrightsville, Ga.  You can also contact Katie Hood or Lisa Keyton.

Zach Strong

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